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Where purpose meets pleasure

We design our retreats to ensure that each activity, whether an artisan workshop, sports activity or culinary experience, enriches the community and deepens our guests’ understanding of Italy.

Guided by the rhythm of the seasons, our retreats offer a year-round showcase of Italy’s diverse beauty. This approach helps distribute tourism throughout the year, mitigating local environmental and community impact and giving guests a unique glimpse into Italy’s charms—from sun-kissed summer vineyards to serene, snow-draped winter villages.

Your engagement with artisan communities or sustainable initiatives means your retreat will make a lasting, positive impact.

  • Aligning retreats with corporate goals

We understand that a successful corporate retreat extends beyond mere relaxation to become a strategic extension of your company’s objectives.

Collaborating closely with experts specializing in corporate change, team building, and wellness, we design retreat experiences that contribute directly to your company’s growth.

Our programs are meticulously crafted to boost team creativity, enhance understanding of company objectives, and refine communication skills. Each activity is carefully chosen to reflect and celebrate local culture, serving as a backdrop and a tool for meaningful team-building.

The impact of our tailored retreats is clear: they transform your strategic objectives into tangible achievements.


  • Well-being at the forefront

Your well-being stands at the forefront of our mission. Italian Special Occasions designs experiences that foster personal reflection, professional growth, and collective bonding.

Set against the backdrop of Italy’s stunning landscapes, our retreats and offsites are the perfect setting for yoga, mindfulness, and culinary journeys that feed the soul.

  • Creativity unleashed

Two flagship initiatives are embedded in the fabric of our retreats:

  1. Creative Italy offers a unique opportunity to connect with local artisans, turning the art of creation into a bridge between cultures and generations.
  2. By Creating, You Learn is focused on conserving ancient hamlets through various activities for retreat participants.

These programs showcase our commitment to cultural immersion and the revival of traditional crafts.


  • Venues and retreat size

Our selection of venues is as intentional as our retreat programming, emphasising green practices and historical significance to preserve and celebrate Italy’s rich heritage.

Catering to groups of 20 to 80 participants, these venues are not just places to stay but spaces where luxury meets authenticity, providing an unforgettable retreat and offsite experience.


Craft Your Vision with Italian Special Occasions

Begin crafting a retreat that resonates with your values, achieves your objectives, and leaves a meaningful impact.

Do you want practical examples?

Read our case studies:

How a corporate retreat transformed a team’s wellness and communication

A prominent company in the food and beverage sector sought our expertise to plan a corporate retreat. The aim was to discuss their annual objectives and address communication barriers stemming from cultural and geographical differences within their team.

Off-site meeting with team-building activities for a sales team

We received an off-site meeting request from the HR Manager of a Swedish high-tech company for a group of 23 people. For their annual meeting and to reward the team, the company thought of planning a sustainable retreat in Italy.

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