Workation & Bleisure Travel in Italy

The trend of blending business and leisure in corporate travel is on the rise

Bleisure travel in Italy serves many purposes. It is a time for your colleagues to reconnect, re-engage and focus against a stimulating backdrop of new cuisines, languages and cultural traditions.

Treat your organization to a ‘bleisure’ experience in Italy. Your efforts will create a motivated, committed team with increased productivity, a positive attitude and a healthy work-life balance.

“Our experience in organizing meetings, conferences, incentives and product launches in Italy allows us to blend the best of both worlds.”
We tailor-make memorable, authentic itineraries filled with beautiful scenery, fun local activities, and delicious regional meals and wines.

New! ISO Workation Experience

The best retreat to relax, restart and reward

  • There’s plenty of mass tourism out there. Let us show your team an authentic, inspiring side of Italy.
  • We are experts in corporate travel and can suggest excellent ‘bleisure’ activities including rounds of golf, art tours, yoga, wellness activities, urban treasure hunts and more.
  • Springtime in Le Marche? Autumn in Sicily? Let us guide you in selecting the best ‘Region & Season’ combination.
  • Our clients love our unique wine and food tours, cooking classes and demonstrations. Consider featuring a gastronomic experience in your ‘bleisure’ itinerary.
  • Workations are now a real thing. But picking a stunning location is not enough to make it efficient, rewarding and relaxing… With us, you can embark on a special experience that is sustainable and that provides the ideal work-life balance, boosting your productivity and well-being!

We’re here to help. Read on for more tips on bleisure travel in Italy.

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