Corporate Events in Italy

the saying
‘all roads lead to Rome’
still rings true

For thousands and thousands of years, Italy has served as a meeting point. Its ancient roads long succeeded in connecting wanderers, adventurers, soldiers, merchants and pilgrims.

Visitors continue to flock to Italy for its extraordinary heritage, landscapes and cuisine. Italy’s multitude of cultural offerings, accessibility and exceptional venues make it a premium and extraordinary destination for corporate events.

As your event organiser in Italy, we can assist you with the following:

New! Virtual team building

Get your team together with a unique online event!

New! ISO workation experience

The best retreat to relax, restart and reward.

Why Italian Special Occasions DMC & Events?

  • Our event management team successfully serves organisations from across Europe, Asia and the Americas, with past corporate-event attendees hailing from over 45 countries.
  • Our event planning aims to adhere to your business objectives in the most imaginative way. We present your employees, clients and partners with an unforgettable view of Italy. Not only will the experience be memorable, but it’ll be sustainable and wrapped in culture and local traditions.
  • Our tailor-made corporate events innovatively complement your organisation’s branding and values. We celebrate Italy through local themes and authentic storytelling.

Client testimonials

On behalf of Kérastase team and clients, I would like to congratulate and thank you for the wonderful night we had. Everyone was amazed about the different attractions that happened one after another. Also, thank you very much for the surprise I received in my room from St. Maria Novella… I loved it!
Cristina Conforto

Brand Director, Kérastase Brasil

Everyone had a wonderful time.
Everything was great!



Our most heartfelt thanks to all the participants, speakers, sponsors & exhibitors that made conneXion a huge success.
LS Retail Corporate Statement

on Official Social Media Accounts

What a spectacular tour we had yesterday. […] Thank you LS Retail for your gracious hospitality and a truly wonderful experience this week!
Mari Smith

Marketing Expert at Facebook, after experiencing “conneXion Rome”

Dear Laura, I would like to thank you for all your kindness with me and my clients. The night was amazing and we had an incredible event with your team.Thank you for helping us to make an unforgettable moment for Kérastase. Thank you for the present you’ve send us from St. Maria Novella!
Ana Paula Roza

Director of Human Resources, Kérastase Brasil

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