Corporate Event Venues in Italy

Much of Italy’s charm comes from the variety of its landscapes, cuisines and traditions. And every year, our team goes out in search of special properties – ones that embody Tuscany, Liguria, and the other regions that serve as beautiful backdrops for our venues and events.
We are experts in the regions we promote and can propose luxury hotels with topnotch conference facilities, charming boutique properties, wine estates, palaces, villas and more.”
Our corporate event venues must match our philosophy in being authentic, sustainable and unspoiled by mass tourism. By showcasing local history and regional specialties, they offer a distinct, pure view of Italy.

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  • A hillside castle in Friuli-Venezia Giulia? A high-altitude meeting space overlooking Mont Blanc? A villa along Lake Maggiore? Use our ‘Region & Season’ knowledge to find the perfect corporate event venue.
  • Do you like sustainable, seasonal tourism? We do too – let us complement your unique event venue with authentic, local activities from your chosen region.
  • We can take care of hotel bookings, meeting rooms, audiovisual technology, meals, transfers, guided tours, wellness and culinary activities – anything your group may require.
  • Thinking of hosting a gala dinner in your corporate event venue? Our team can assist with branding, catering, entertainment, décor, performances and on-site logistics.

Practical guide

Considering hosting your corporate event in Italy – but unsure how to begin? Our practical guide is useful for the initial stages of planning.

We’re here to help. Read on for more tips on finding corporate event venues in Italy.

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