Laura, CEO of Italian Special Occasions, Shares Her Passion for Sicily.

I’ve always been deeply in love with Sicily; it’s an intense relationship that has pursued me since childhood. Aside from my Sicilian roots, the island undoubtedly fuels my passion. The Strait of Messina, that strip of water separating Sicily from mainland Italy, has always felt like a gateway to another dimension. Sicily’s clear light, the sea that laps at its shores, the countryside, the majestic active volcano watching over it, and the cities that bring it to life—all these elements captivate the senses.

The fragrances that intoxicate, the flavours that enrich, and the island’s overall authenticity have drawn me in since childhood. Sicily’s pure, intense, and authentic territory is a magnet of attraction.

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Mount Etna (photo by Websi on Pixabay)

The second reason for my love is the people. Sicily’s landscapes, history, and rich cuisine form a backdrop to its vibrant community. Initially, Sicilians may regard you as an outsider, but if you show genuine interest and curiosity, the doors to their homes and lives open wide. Once accepted, you are invited to family meals, storytelling sessions, and marvellous adventures.

Each region in Sicily—north, east, west—offers different landscapes, cultures, traditions, and culinary styles. For example, Messina, located at the extreme northeastern tip of the Strait bearing its name, overlooks the sea and boasts a cuisine deeply rooted in seafood. For centuries, the Strait has optimised fishing, particularly swordfish, which is caught using traditional techniques that give it an intense flavour.

But this is just one tiny piece of what Sicily has to offer. Sicily should be known for its culture, traditions, and people and should be the “Queen of Italy” as it once was. You’ll always want to return once you encounter the island’s strong flavours, tastes, and traditions.

What activities can be proposed in Sicily?

Many articles ask, “Why hold an event in Sicily?” but rarely give the reasons why.

I, as someone with half-English and half-Sicilian heritage, believe you should consider Sicily for your next event.

We don’t want events to be like they were before the pandemic. We want events and incentives that leave a lasting impact on delegates while positively influencing the local community. This is our team’s mission at Italian Special Occasions DMC when we propose Sicily as a destination.

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Image by Lorenzo Patti from Pixabay

Here are some seasonal activities to consider:


  • Hike Mount Etna and witness the unique sight of a volcano covered in snow overlooking the sea.
  • Harvest oranges and learn how to make the best marmalade.


  • Participate in a basket-weaving workshop with a local artisan, creating baskets to help with olive picking.


  • Enjoy the scent of Zagara (citrus blossoms) while visiting an ancient citrus grove, leaving delegates with pleasant memories.

Case Study: Team Building in Palermo

Our philosophy is to personalise team-building activities to match each company’s objectives, pairing them with local traditions to positively impact the local community.

In the past, we organised a team-building event in Palermo due to its rich spice tradition. We chose an activity that stimulates all five senses by immersing delegates in the art of spices with our expert herbalist. A group of 20 people participated in a five-day immersion with the herbalist, heading to the mountains to pick herbs and learn which ones are safe to use.

They spent three hours daily studying medicinal plants and preparing herbal teas, mother tinctures, and medicinal oils to enhance well-being. The event took place in a historic building in the city centre, allowing participants to walk around Palermo and reduce emissions.

This five-day team-building event was a fantastic way for the company to reward employees, boost creativity, and prepare them for upcoming changes with our coach.

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Sicily combines culture, sports, nature, and delicious food and wine for team-building activities, incentives, and corporate retreats. After visiting the island in 1787, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote,

“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.”

At Italian Special Occasions DMC, we couldn’t agree more.

We would love to guide you in organising your next corporate event on this beautiful and colourful island, full of contradictions that will magnetise you with its diverse colours and traditions.

Get in touch with us to plan your corporate event in Sicily.

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