A prominent company in the food and beverage sector sought our expertise to plan a corporate retreat. The aim was to discuss their annual objectives and address communication barriers stemming from cultural and geographical differences within their team.

Italian Special Occasions was tasked with designing a retreat that met these needs and integrated elements of local culture and nature to reinforce the company’s commitment to wellness and effective change management.


The primary challenge of the corporate retreat was facilitating a meaningful experience that could foster better communication and understanding across diverse team members. All this while aligning with the company’s sustainability and cultural engagement goals.


We chose the scenic region of Piedmont, specifically the Roero area, for the retreat, capitalizing on its accessibility from Milan and its lesser-known yet richly diverse environment ideal for truffle hunting. This activity was chosen for its deep cultural roots and relevance to the company’s focus on natural products.

Location and timing

The corporate retreat took place at the Relais Sant’Uffizio in Monferrato, a historical convent thoughtfully converted into a hotel. The timing in October was perfect, aligning with the truffle season and enabling us to incorporate this unique local activity into the team-building process.

Activities and implementation

The corporate retreat in Piedmont spanned three days. The initial two days were dedicated to open discussions about the company’s objectives, challenges, and communication strategies. These sessions were held in the open air, fostering a relaxed environment conducive to open and honest communication.

The climax of the retreat was a truffle hunting activity guided by a local expert who explained the importance of biodiversity in the growth of quality truffles. This activity served as a metaphor for the team’s need for diversity and emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem—paralleling the need for a healthy, communicative work environment.

Outcome and reflection

Post-activity, the team gathered in a local vineyard for a reflective session led by Noemi, our change management expert. They discussed the parallels between the truffle ecosystem and their work environment, emphasizing how diversity and effective communication are crucial for both. This session helped cement the retreat’s lessons, linking them directly to their professional roles and objectives.

The Italian corporate retreat concluded with a dinner at a local agriturismo, where team members shared their key takeaways and committed to actionable steps toward improving wellness, embracing change, and fostering better communication within the company.


The CEO praised the retreat, noting significant improvements in team cohesion and communication. The success of the Piedmont retreat led to a subsequent booking for a similar retreat in Sicily the following year, underscoring the value and effectiveness of integrating local culture and nature into corporate team-building efforts.

piedmont corporate retreat for teams in italy


This case study exemplifies how Italian Special Occasions leverages local culture and natural settings as a backdrop for corporate retreats and as integral components of a transformative team-building experience.

The added value of our expert coaching and change management expertise, intimately linked to local culture, is the key to the success of our retreats.

The Piedmont retreat showcased how targeted activities, aligned with local customs and environmental consciousness, can facilitate corporate goals of wellness, effective communication, and embracing change. It also illustrated the distinctive advantages of choosing Italian Special Occasions for corporate retreats that genuinely make a difference.

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