Every so often we like to reiterate the importance of driving change in the sector of travel and events, aiming for more sustainability in terms of resource use, cultural and social respect, transport means and venue choice. To demonstrate our coherence, determination and reliability when it comes to driving change, we always provide concrete examples of what we at Italian Special Occasions DMC have been doing in our latest incentives, teambuilding activities, meetings, site inspections and side projects.

At the beginning of the year, we explained how 2019 would be the Year of Creativity & Responsible Tourism. Since then, we have worked on many creative activities tied with nature, so that participants can get in touch with plants, the sea and the products of the earth. This momentary but intense escape from their ordinary life, allows employees and delegates to rediscover themselves and the pleasure of using their senses to appreciate the surrounding environment. Our coach, Noemi Freixes, helps us conceive the ad hoc experiences for every client company, and follows participants closely throughout the training process. We always recommend our clients to choose an event destination off the beaten path, away from the circuits of mass tourism that put a strain on the local environment and socio-cultural livelihood. Our objective is to promote cultural tourism, where visitors get to know and respect local traditions.

You can see practical examples of how we have applied the abovementioned concepts in the following articles:

We are happy with the results achieved so far with our events, where we also give away personalized bottles that our clients/delegates can fill up with water around Italy’s many drinkable fountains. This is a small but big step to reduce the use of plastic during events.

Next, we are very proud to share some insights into our side projects, which include supporting the Sea Museum (Museo del Mare) and the Borgo Pantano village in Sicily.

Museo del Mare Sicily Siso Project

The Museo del Mare was inaugurated in August 2019 inside the Castello di Milazzo. Here, among the many things that raise awareness on illegal fishing and sea pollution, you will find the touching exhibition of Siso, the young sperm whale that got trapped in an illegal fishing net and died, despite the efforts of the Coast Guard to save him. Local biologist Carmelo Isgrò, who is very active in the promotion of sustainability and environmental protection, removed a lot of plastic from Siso’s body and reassembled his skeleton. It is now on display next to the illegal fishing net that killed him and the plastic that was found in his stomach.

Italian Special Occasions DMC is also a supporter of the Borgo Pantano project. This is a medieval village and unique historic hamlet in Sicily, that is being restored by the Bisazza Family. Working on such a restoration project has been no easy job, but with immense patience, perseverance and passion for the local territory, they have overcome many obstacles along the way – in fact, Borgo Pantano has been included in the list of Sicily’s Intangible Heritage. Our DMC has used this venue for events such as Team Buildings and Incentives, or for experiences like yoga, walks through nature, storytelling to relive the history of the place.

Sustainable Events and Heritage Travel in Italy

The Castello di Milazzo and Borgo Pantano are just two examples of venues that can be used for events that, in addition to achieving your company objectives and helping your CSR, also allow your delegates to learn about heritage tourism and the environment. It is paramount for event planners to propose more locations of this type and off the beaten path, for change to start happening both physically and in the minds and attitudes of all the people involved in the event.

This concept was explained very well by Irina Graf, expert blogger on the global corporate events community. In one of her articles she discusses how travel and events are not “just an industry, but a community, and with this comes responsibility for more inclusivity, diversity, ethics and morals. Bloggers, destinations and governments should have a conversation, and work collaboratively to bring a set of standards for more ethics and morals, educate and explain.” You can read more in the article ‘Takeaways from Traverse 2019 in Trento, Italy’.

Join us between 23rd and 25th September 2019 in the Twitter Chat organized by Positive Impact Events, of which our founder Laura is an ambassador. We will be part of the global conversation about how to create a sustainable event industry. Participate with the following hashtags: #eventscreatechange #shareapositiveimpact – see you there!

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