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An Innovative Approach

How can corporate events offer an experience that is truly different, rewarding and unforgettable? Our mission at Italian Special Occasions DMC is to combine your business objectives with an authentic sensorial experience that each employee, client or partner will remember about your special event.

Furthermore, our innovative approach is based on the firm conviction that events must embrace the local culture and history to widen the horizon of ideas that help a company. We apply the following ingredients to all events to make them unique and unforgettable:

  • Storytelling is a powerful tool that has been around since the beginning of time: conceiving and applying a theme to the event and tying it to the corporate mission of the occasion can impress participants with strong emotions and vivid memories about a brand and its values.
  • Combining a Sensorial Approach – whereby participants get to engage their Five Senses with the local territory, traditions and heritage – makes the event even more powerful and memorable.



Our Expertise


Meetings & Conferences

You will be able to choose your favorite venue(s) from a wide range of selected proposals, which are the result of a thorough research by Italian Special Occasions DMC. Selecting the right venue and synergic partners is crucial for organizing an event that is smooth and perfect to the smallest detail. We will focus on the details, operations and logistics, including the arrangement of topnotch audio/video technologies, graphics, transfers and meals. This will allow you to dedicate yourself entirely to the attendees and contents of your conference.

Product Launches

The launching of a new company product or service, whether publicized or internal, has to be spot on! Celebrating a launch abroad requires your company to invest significantly, and – just like you – at Italian Special Occasions DMC we want your event to be a flawless and enriching experience for your stakeholders. We can help you with a complete personalization of your event by highlighting your product or service through the local history and heritage of the region where your event takes place.

Team Building

Italian Special Occasions DMC can propose a wide array of activities aimed at helping your team to bond and build a renewed sense of commitment towards the company. Our internal HR consultant can be in touch with your HR department to learn about the needs of your company. Each and every company is made up of different individuals, and is thus a different entity that must have a series of activities designed just for them: to us, individual attention is key to a life-changing experience.


Italy is a country that has it all: Art, History, Traditions, Gastronomy, Wine. Let our expert knowledge of each region help you in providing an authentic, life-changing experience to both motivate and reward your colleagues and customers.

Gala Dinners

Our gala dinner is a bespoke experience that goes beyond taste. It is a sensorial event that summarizes your corporate event through seasonal food products, music, shows, and other creative ideas – all of which are based on the main theme of your larger corporate event and the reason that brought you to Italy. We’ll take care of the innumerable details and outstanding resources needed to make your gala dinner truly unforgettable.

Corporate Gifts

An authentic memento will imprint special memories that the participants will never forget about your Italian corporate events. We have selected local artisans and artists, as well as traditional stores, who can craft something ad hoc for your event, from quality food products to watercolor paintings to anything related to the area where your event takes place. By evoking the sensorial experience at the heart of your event, your guests will remember the details that made your special occasion unique just by smelling or touching your souvenir!

Make it happen!

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