Team Building in Italy

An opportunity for your staff to bond, recharge their batteries in a beautiful setting, and strengthen their sense of commitment to the company.
Our coaching team understands that each and every company is different. We’ll therefore work directly with your HR department to craft a personalized team building experience that both meets your organization’s specific needs – and incorporates fun local cultural activities.
“We pride ourselves on our innovative team building events, retreats and workshops”
We are experts in corporate tourism, hospitality management, and transportation logistics. Whether you host your team building in Tuscany, along the shores of Lake Garda, or on the island of Ischia, let us create a truly special, effective experience for your colleagues.
  • How about Umbria? It’s time for pottery class. Elsewhere in Italy? Cooking with the locals, fishing expeditions, nature photography courses, perfume-making lessons, golf, wine tastings – and more.
  • We go straight to the drawing board for all of our team building activities – and we’ll guide you in selecting the best ‘Region & Season’ combination.
  • Do you want to host your team building in Rome? We’ll send you to the superb, offbeat ruins of Ancient Rome’s port in Ostia Antica. Considering the mountains? We’ll have you trekking through the Dolomites.
  • We can help you include yoga, spa services and other wellness activities in your Italian team building program.

We’re here to help. Read on for more tips on organizing team building events in Italy.

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Team Building with Italian Special Occasions

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