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We are pleased to present to you a wonderful trip that we’ve designed for the upcoming holiday season (winter 2021). We’re offering a fantastic and inspiring trip for families and friends who like opera or simply love Italy and want to explore it in a new and fresh way. This could also be a unique opportunity to offer an original reward trip for professionals who have met or exceeded their company’s business goals.

Come and experience an unforgettable journey dedicated to the opera “Si dice in Italia“, a love letter to Italy by composer Lawrence Siegel!

In his sublime work, the American artist:

  • reveals the genuine identity of the Italians;
  • recounts the stories of the people he met during his 40 years of travels in Italy;
  • faithfully reports their expressions, word for word, in the opera’s libretto.

You, the traveller, will have the chance to see this opera in the magical Teatro Castagnoli and to live it by following in its footsteps. You will discover hidden gems and local traditions through authentic experiences. Our journey will lead you to places that offer infinite surprises, narrating aspects related to daily life, yesterday and today.

Some inspirational highlights…

In Rome; between authenticity and ancient history

It all begins with your arrival in Rome, where you stay in a historical luxury hotel in one of the most exclusive areas of the capital. Its history began in 1642 when a Roman noblewoman commissioned the illustrious architect Francesco Borromini to design a convent for the Augustinian nuns.

During your stay in Rome, you will visit the old, colourful market of Campo dei Fiori. Here you can enjoy the “historical” stalls that are the symbol of the true Rome, and meet some of the local iconic characters who have been working there for decades. Choose the best fresh groceries with an expert chef and join them in an exciting exploratory cooking class. It’s your chance to master the art of making homemade pasta!

trip to italy christmas new year opera

Have you ever wondered how our modern culture is linked to the ancient Roman civilization? You will be surprised by what you discover when exploring ancient Rome. For example, when admiring the city’s most imposing monuments from the Palatino, the panoramic hill upon which Rome was founded. Or when strolling around Rione Monti, a neighbourhood of small art galleries and wineries, offering romantic and curious corners.

In Maremma, Tuscany off the beaten path

The next part of the “Si dice in Italia” itinerary takes place in Maremma, a wild and beautiful area in southern Tuscany. Here you can wander in the charming medieval villages of Capalbio and Magliano, featuring prestigious buildings, historic arches and marvellous walls in the countryside. And you can discover the fishing villages of Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, featuring majestic Spanish Forts and skilled shipwrights.

Are you ready for a night at the opera? Then let’s head over to the wine town of Scansano and its Castagnoli Municipal Theatre. This is where you will witness the opera “Si Dice in Italia“- Lawrence Siegel’s work dedicated to Italy, with Dimitri Betti as Musical Director. Tonight the opera makes its very first debut in a theatre, which is something quite authentic for you to experience! Even more so, as the event is part of the prestigious Morellino Classica Festival.

Your accommodation in Maremma is a panoramic farmhouse that produces delicious products. The caretaker’s stories will accompany you while you taste the local wine! And another wine experience awaits you in the prestigious Ammiraglia Frescobaldi estate, where you will learn about its owners’ thousand-year-old story linked to the political and social history of Tuscany.

In Tuscany’s surprising valleys and hidden gems

Have you ever heard of Val d’Orcia? This valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tuscany, and it preserves simple and precious flavours. It’s the perfect place to visit a traditional oil mill and enjoy some unique olive oil tasting in the old barn.

Val d’Orcia is home to Pienza, known as the “ideal” city of the Renaissance. It was created by the great humanist Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who later became Pope Pius II. It was built around its inhabitants and was made to make their life better. Not far is the famous city of Siena, one of those places where it seems time stopped in the 13th Century. Explore the town, its wonderful Gothic-style cathedral and enjoy a spectacular view from Torre del Mangia.

crete senesi trip to italy

Do you want to discover a place unlike any other in Tuscany? The Crete Senesi features a series of clay hills that were modelled throughout the centuries by atmospheric agents. The result is a beautiful, sparse, lunar-like landscape. You will be surprised by the beautiful villages scattered here and there, and by Jean-Paul Philippe’s majestic contemporary art installation in the middle of the Accona Desert!

From dream to reality: plan your end-of-year trip to Italy with Italian Special Occasions DMC & Events

We have shared only some highlights from our beautiful itinerary. Are you intrigued? If yes, please get in touch with our founder Laura Notarbartolo to receive the complete tour itinerary and more information!

The full “Si dice in Italia” travel experience takes place over 10 days from 23rd December 2021 to 2nd January 2022.

We can also personalise the experience and itinerary for you if you want to choose fewer days and activities.

If you choose to spend Christmas Eve in Rome, you can make your night unforgettable by attending the Christmas Eve Mass celebrated by the Pope in St. Peter’s Basilica.

If you wish to spend New Year’s Eve in Tuscany, we can take you to a wonderful farm where – at the stroke of midnight – you will have the chance to taste the fine Brunello di Montalcino wine in advance. You can be among the first ever to taste Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s Brunello 2017 in 2022!

We are happy to accept bookings until 30 November 2021.

Want to discuss the next steps? You can reach Laura via email , phone +39 0564 813 473 or WhatsApp +39 329 769 2116.

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