Private Tours

Planning a trip to Italy? Let our private-tours team add a unique twist to your itinerary
with our top three ingredients for the perfect Italian holiday:
authenticity, regional traditions and seasonality.

Our unique vacation experiences feature hidden gems, avoid mass-tourism trends, and propose an ideal ‘Region & Season’ combination.

What makes us different?

At Italian Special Occasions DMC, we creatively arrange private tours of Italy for both individuals and groups. We are passionate about introducing our clients to Italy’s diverse regions.

We work with professors, historians, artists and food producers to showcase the best of Italy’s culture, cuisines and wines.

We can help you with the following private-tour services:

  • Wine tours & food tours of Italy
  • Art holidays in Italy
  • Tailor-made holidays and vacations in Italy
  • Accommodation, transportation, expert guiding and fabulous meals
  • Local cultural, gastronomic and wellness activities

We’re here to help. Read on for more tips on travel in Italy.

Family travel experiences: on the footprints of Italian artisans

Family travel experiences: on the footprints of Italian artisans

Travelers are becoming more demanding: an increasing number of people hunt for experiential journeys that bring them closer to local cultures and traditions, far from the beaten track and mass tourism. In particular, families are among the top promoters of this...

Italy’s lesser-known theaters: the sound of history

Italy’s lesser-known theaters: the sound of history

Since its beginnings with the ancient Greeks, the history of theater has been closely tied to the Italian territory and artistic movements. In fact, the country boasts an amazing amount of theatrical buildings, whether ruins, functioning venues (both old and modern),...

Treasure hunting in the artistic cities of the Marche

Interest in the Marche region is on the rise – and this is no surprise. A combination for history, influence, nature and experience makes the Marche one of the most culturally interesting regions in Italy. Just to mention a few figures: there are approximately 100...