Private Tours

Planning a trip to Italy?

Let our private-tours team add a unique twist to your itinerary with our top ingredients for the perfect Italian holiday – authenticity, regional traditions and seasonality.

Our unique vacation experiences feature hidden gems, avoid mass-tourism trends, and propose an ideal ‘Region & Season’ combination.

What makes us different?

We host private tours of Italy for both individuals and groups. We are passionate about introducing our clients to Italy’s diverse regions. We work with professors, historians, artists and food producers to showcase the best of Italy’s culture, cuisines and wines. We offer unique itineraries created with seasonality and tradition in mind. These are wonderful bespoke itineraries and we make the appropriate adaptations due to the current climate.

We can help you with the following private-tour options:

  • Wine tours & food tours 
  • Art holidays
  • Tailor-made holidays 
  • Accommodation, transportation and local guidance (e.g. cuisine)
  • Local cultural, food and drink, and wellness activities

We’re here to help. Browse below for our full ranges of tips for Italy travel…

Faenza, the queen of maiolica ceramics

Faenza features attractions like the medieval Palazzo del Podestà, the neoclassical Palazzo Milzetti and the Tuscan-style Cathedral, which is one of the  highest expressions of Renaissance art in the region of Emilia Romagna, where this lovely town is located. But...

Cosmopolitan Apulia, fertile ground for contemporary artists

“Here you breathe a European atmosphere” - commented a German publisher while visiting Bari - “it is quite different from what we image for a southern Italian city”. In the image: the Historic Masseria San Domenico in the past and in the present   It is thanks to...

Cremona’s music & violin-making tradition

  Today’s topic is… music! In particular we would like to tell you more about the city of Cremona, in the region of Lombardy, which is especially distinguished for its musical history. In fact, some of the earliest and most renowned luthiers came from Cremona,...

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