Private Tours

Planning a trip to Italy?

Let our private-tours team add a unique twist to your itinerary with our top ingredients for the perfect Italian holiday – authenticity, regional traditions and seasonality.

Our unique vacation experiences feature hidden gems, avoid mass-tourism trends, and propose an ideal ‘Region & Season’ combination.

What makes us different?

We host private tours of Italy for both individuals and groups. We are passionate about introducing our clients to Italy’s diverse regions. We work with professors, historians, artists and food producers to showcase the best of Italy’s culture, cuisines and wines. We offer unique itineraries created with seasonality and tradition in mind. These are wonderful bespoke itineraries and we make the appropriate adaptations due to the current climate.

We can help you with the following private-tour options:

  • Wine tours & food tours 
  • Art holidays
  • Tailor-made holidays 
  • Accommodation, transportation and local guidance (e.g. cuisine)
  • Local cultural, food and drink, and wellness activities

We’re here to help. Browse below for our full ranges of tips for Italy travel…

Get inspired by the locals: traditional June Events in Italy

There is no better way to explore and enjoy the colors, flavors and aromas of Summer than by following the experts of a territory: the locals! For us at Italian Special Occasions DMC, the locals are a constant source of inspiration in the creation of authentic...

9 beautiful gardens in Italy

Kings and princesses strolled through them, famous architects and gardeners worked between their flowerbeds, painters and poets were inspired by and praised them, weddings and wars were decided in-between the tree-lined boulevards: historic Italian gardens have...

3 Street Art Festivals in Italy: Spring-Summer 2016

The street festival circuit has become a way of life for many artists, and an increasing number of people appreciate visiting this kind of event, whether they are art fans or not. Festivals tend to include a healthy mix of local and international artists who present...

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