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What is a DMC?

For people who organise international events, the term Destination Management Company, or DMC, as we'll refer to it in this article, is not new. But time is changing, and so is the role and definition of a DMC that constantly evolves to respond to the challenges and...

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Events in Italy – a destination for all seasons

Italy is a beautiful country, there’s no doubt about it, whether you are visiting the white sandy beaches or exploring the expansive countryside – or enjoying the exquisite cuisine – fresh seafood, calorific pizzas, and scrumptious pasta, for example! Visiting on a...

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Italian Special Occasions DMC website gets a new look

After many strategy meetings, endless conference call, creative meetings and sleepless nights, the new website is finally live! Our aim was not only to showcase why clients should select us as their DMC of choice, but above all why they should choose Italy for their...

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Off season corporate events will fight over tourism

“At night, many of the tourists return to their cruise ships or tuck in after early dinners. The result is a momentary reprieve but also, like Venice in its slow winter months, a time warp to an earlier Venice”. Jason Horowitz, New York Times Over tourism – what it is...

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