I worked with Laura and the Italian Special Occasions team to plan my wedding in Positano in October 2021.

We chose Italian Special Occasions as our partner because of their commitment to creating authentic Italian experiences. Many of our guests were travelling to Italy for the first time, and it was important to us that they experience the true Italian culture, and not mass tourism. We wanted to support small, family-owned businesses, and the Italian Special Occasions team found the perfect vendors for our event.

Even though our wedding was in a popular location in Italy, having the wedding in the off-season allowed us to create the authentic experience we desired.

The Italian Special Occasions team was instrumental in helping us coordinate logistics for our friends and family, especially during the uncertainty of Covid. The team is incredibly positive and always with a smile on their face. We are so happy to have met Laura and the team, and highly recommend partnering with Italian Special Occasions for your events in Italy.

– Gabriella

We thank Gabriella for her beautiful words; we couldn’t be happier! Our mission is always to understand our clients’ vision, make the entire event planning process easy and relaxing, and execute a dream wedding in Italy.

How do we achieve this?

We are happy to answer by re-living the wonderful wedding experience of Gabriella and Dan!

The Italian wedding destination

The wedding took place in Positano on the mesmerizing Amalfi Coast. We recommend this destination in the off-peak season to avoid mass tourism and to instead help local businesses in a sustainable way. In our case, early October was perfect with no tourists around and a sunny and mild weather!

Strolling along the ancient centre of the village among the colourful houses and idyllic alleys was a delightful experience. It would have been impossible to enjoy such private and authentic moments during the peak season!

The welcome party with unforgettable views and the real pizza

The wedding venue was a gorgeous villa full of character and charm, with sweeping views of the coastline and the iconic sea village of Positano. The panoramic terrace was the perfect spot to welcome the international guests with style.

What better way to get the first taste of Italy than by eating the original pizza? According to tradition, an authentic pizza must:

  • use a base of flour mixed with specific local water,
  • be sprinkled with pure olive oil from the trees of Campania, which is the region where the Amalfi Coast and Naples are located,
  • be coloured and flavoured with local ingredients such as mature tomatoes, mozzarella and basil,
  • be cooked in an open oven that burns local wood.

It’s difficult to imagine the explosion of flavours when you have never tried the pizza from Campania. The chef prepared classic versions of this delicacy and even a sweet version with chocolate to end this special evening!

The wedding ceremony in Positano

On the wedding day, our team took care of all the details: preparing the venue, answering all the guests’ needs, supervising the catering.

The lemon is the symbol of Campania, and the lemons from the Amalfi Coast are particularly exceptional. The “Limone Costa d’Amalfi” is a P.G.I. or a protected geographical indication by the European Union. It grows on the typical terraced gardens of the Amalfi coast and is characterised by particular organoleptic properties and a unique aromatic scent. The lemon was the perfect symbol for the design of the wedding!

The wedding ceremony was simply breathtaking. The weather was glorious, the bride was radiant, the natural location and authentic wedding venue were stunning. It was an intimate, simple and elegant ceremony that filled all our hearts with joy and we loved Gabriella and Dan.

The unforgettable wedding aperitif, dinner and party

The off-season wedding continued on the spectacular panoramic terrace of the Villa, overlooking Positano.. The atmosphere was already mesmerizing in its own right, thanks to the dramatic nature and landscape. But we created a magical atmosphere for the dinner set!

The delicious aperitivo was followed by a fine dinner with the best Italian cuisine, creatively prepared by the expert local chef. All accompanied by the best Italian drinks, including classic cocktails, top wines and prestigious prosecco!

off-season wedding experience in italy

After some beautiful speeches, emotional moments between family and friends, and the cake cutting, it was time to party!

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we helped Gabriella and Dan and their guests have a wonderful experience throughout their Italian wedding journey!

Plan your off-season wedding in Italy

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