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Cosmopolitan Apulia, fertile ground for contemporary artists

“Here you breathe a European atmosphere” - commented a German publisher while visiting Bari - “it is quite different from what we image for a southern Italian city”. In the image: the Historic Masseria San Domenico in the past and in the present   It is thanks to...

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Palio Marinaro: Monte Argentario’s sea tradition

Monte Argentario is a beautiful peninsula in Southern Tuscany, in the area known as Maremma. It features a rugged coastline alternating cliffs and sandy bays, a dense Mediterranean vegetation inside and outside its protected nature reserves, and charming fishing...

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Limoncello tasting on the Amalfi Coast

Imagine yourself in a fragrant lemon orchard under the intense blue sky on the Amalfi Coast, sipping some chilly limoncello… an icy liqueur with a strong, yet sweet lemon flavor! This Italian liqueur is produced mainly in the south of the boot, especially in...

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Cremona’s music & violin-making tradition

  Today’s topic is… music! In particular we would like to tell you more about the city of Cremona, in the region of Lombardy, which is especially distinguished for its musical history. In fact, some of the earliest and most renowned luthiers came from Cremona,...

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Folklore Festivals in Apulia

The list of traditional festivals in Apulia, Italy’s heel, is never ending. Nonetheless, we have selected 10 among the most interesting folklore festivals. (PS: Stay tuned for the top 10 Apulia Foodie Festivals, coming soon on the blog)... Enjoy! Carnevale di...

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