Your corporate entertainment can certainly be the most memorable part of the event. People will forget the name of the speaker, what they ate for lunch or the name of the hotel. But they will remember the way you made them feel.

Leading to your event, the thought whether to invest in an entertainment programme crosses your mind. After investing in the essentials, including travel, accommodation and catering, any additional sped comes under rigid evaluation. Of course for a good reason. You want to justify that your event budget is wisely invested and you want to see event ROI.

You can measure your event’s success in terms of your attained business objectives and memorability of the occasion, so choosing entertainment programme wisely it’s a key to achieve both.

Think experience, not entertainment

Our motto is to communicate, inform, amaze and move sentiments. This we achieve by creating captivating experiences that leave vivid memories in the minds and souls of participants. We create the creative concept from scratch and incorporate client’s message. Our aim is to communicate this message in the most clear and memorable way possible.

In this post we decided to share with you creative and innovative ideas for corporate entertainment that will leave a positive memory in the minds of your attendees and achieve your business objectives. Thanks to the great regional diversity in Italy, we pride ourselves for personalising the entertainment according to the place where the event takes place and creating an experience of a lifetime.

Go local

Thanks to our well established relationships with our suppliers, we can offer you diverse corporate entertainment options with a local flair. To let you experience Italy in its fullest, we’ll use local and regional elements for your event. We will work with talented actors and singers of the original theatre company, for example, specialising in storytelling through opera and historic re-enactments.

If you travel off season to one of the Italian destinations, you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the local cultural events that take place annually. For example, spring folklore festivals or autumn food fairs are colourful, engaging and fun to incorporate into your business conference. Delegates usually like this because it creates authentic experience when they meet the locals and learn about their lifestyle.

Music has a very strong effect on our participants, too. It can evoke emotions and bring memories. Unique to Italy, theatre and Opera symbolise what the sound of Italy is, and evoke emotions. Listening to a Soprano or a Tenor is something unique and your delegates will appreciate it. This can be a surprise addition to a lunch or dinner, for example.

Storytelling through event theme

Why not choosing a theme for your event? If you have a theme, we will personalise the entertainment to align with your theme not only for the evening, but the entire event. From the moment your delegates arrive in Italy, all the activities will be linked to each other like a story. All suppliers will be on board to contribute to the “storyline” of your event.

To demonstrate how we do it, we implemented a storytelling in our recent product launch event for Kérastase. The creation of the performance was inspired by their new product presentation, and the thematic of the journey.

We identified four keywords associated with the new product and designed the performance around them: the secret, the miracle, the magic and chronologist.

How did we bring this theme to life? To showcase the secret, we brought two acrobats to perform the search of the material to create the product. The essential products, such as the caviar and the Abyssinian are found in the sea and the performers performed the journey.

The miracle and the magic of the storyline were represented by performers. We started with the birth of the Venus of Botticelli. Here, a Soprano sang an important Brano and was accompanied by the Magic, represented by three actresses. The actresses were dressed with light long dress and beautiful wig, to highlight the beautiful hair, and wore masks coloured with white, flowers and plumage.

For the grand finale, we organised a Fashion show. It represented the past, present and future of the Italian Fashion. Here we wanted to communicate that any kind of innovation is always based in the past, present and future!

Save the best for last

Once the fashion show was over, the President of Kérastase officially introduced the new product. But save the best for last, the introduction was a performance in its way. The actors that represented the Secret, the Miracle and the Magic previously came back on stage.

In the middle of the stage we had a K (for Kérastase) and actresses dressed like in the Renaissance time brought the product to the K. Additionally, the artists made a human K and they were also dressed and painted in gold as the company logo. The K and the new product launched were the centre of attention.

Lastly, the video of the Chronologist, the Quintessence of Kérastase, closed the dinner and everyone moved to the open bar.

Integrate corporate identity

Also the scenario is important. We study brand’s colours and values and translate them into performance. Afterwards, we’ll find the best channel to communicate your brand identity. We can do this through a moving ballet, short theatre performance, fashion show, Opera or Italian pop band.

For us, the scenario of the entertainment programme has to communicate the message why the corporate event takes place in the first place.

Last little extra

To conclude the evening programme, and before moving to the dance floor, there is last piece of activity that we like to recommend. In summer and when it’s very dark, we’ll take the delegates outside, and each will receive a lantern. Together, they will launch them to the sky and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing them fly at night.

What we’ve shared with you here are just few examples, but there are infinite opportunities for corporate entertainment. What make us different is that we coordinate what is possible to create with Italian elements and translate them into the evening goal. As a local DMC, we know the region and the local suppliers inside out and can help you make the right decision and allocate your budget wisely. We want to help you achieve your event and business objective and deliver an experience of a life time for your delegates.

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