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Florence in Tuscany boasts some of the finest dining in the world, but the city can also surprise you with delicious and informal on-the-go eats. Some of the locals’ favorite street delicacies include:


Yes, it is exactly what you think: tripe. Traditionally, every piece of the beef is precious in Italy, including the stomach. Many foreigners are unsure about even trying tripe, but most of the brave souls are pleasantly surprised once they do! Tripe can be served in many different ways, but on Florence’s streets, you will often find it combined with tomato sauce.


Whereas the trippa corresponds to the honeycomb tripe or second stomach, lampredotto is the fourth stomach of the bovine. It is more tender and thin. A panino (see below) stuffed with lampredotto is a must-try!

Panino con la porchetta. Photo from


Although this delicacy is most famous in the area of the Castelli Romani, the streets of Florence allow you to delight yourself with some of this savory boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition. The body of the pig is deboned and arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat and fat before being roasted.


They are not the old, boring sandwiches. Italian panini are made with freshly baked, hot-pressed bread and filled with locally produced deli ingredients like salami, ham, cheese and mortadella. The word is plural for panino, which literally means small bread roll.


There are many theories about the origins and history of gelato, many of which claim that it was invented in Florence! Even though there is no proof of this, one thing is certain: Florentines excel at homemade ice-creams. Indulge in the various tastes while you wonder through the city: it is the perfect way to discover its hidden treasures!

Here are these “Top 5 street foods of Florence” in a short video by Lonely Planet*

*Please note that you do not pronounce porchetta as in the video, the correct pronounciation is with a strong C as in cat (it sounds like porketta)

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