Destination Wedding: Italian Wedding Couture featured on Luxury Travel Magazine
At Italian Special Occasions DMC we are very happy and proud of the success that the Italian Wedding  Couture program is having. Just this week, it was featured on Luxury Travel Magazine. So, we thought it would be interesting to expand a bit more on other aspects of this program, apart from the ones involving the bride and the groom.

Italian Wedding Couture is an exclusive, made-in-Italy experience that allows you to create your wedding dress with a high-fashion designer (Anna Fucà at her Atelier), visit the loveliest wedding venues in and around Florence, try the most delicious catering services, and turn your dream into a reality. This is the main part regarding the bride, the groom and the bridesmaids.

But the program also has lots in store for the weddings guests, whether they are family or friends. After all, if they will be following the husband-and-wife-to-be all the way in Italy, they also deserve an authentic experience to enjoy the culture and essence of Tuscany! So let us have a look at the activities off the beaten track that your wedding guests can enjoy in and around Florence.

Florence is not only about the Uffizi and about Ponte Vecchio! Of course, a visit to the most iconic and historic places cannot be missed, but there is so much more you can do and see to appreciate the town even more.


Shoemaking lesson in Florence - photo courtesy of StudiainItalia
The charming alleys of the Tuscan capital are packed with small artisan workshops, which are ideal for a fashion pit stop. Your relatives and friends can learn how to make handmade shoes, explore the best shops with a fashion expert, visit the Gucci and Ferragamo Museums, admire the Costume Gallery at Palazzo Pitti, and visit the exclusive Vasari Corridor with its unique collections!

On a sunny day, visiting the green areas of Florence will leave you breathless. In particular, a stroll through the Boboli Gardens offers panoramic views of the surroundings, glorious fountains and evocative grottoes. If the group would rather speed up things a bit, lovely vintage bicycles are the way to go!


Boboli Gardens in Florence - photo from


Tuscan cuisine is famous worldwide… and a foodie tour is an all-time favorite for all groups. Learn how to appreciate wine with wine tasting lessons, and try the most famous dishes – such as bistecca alla fiorentina and the ribollita – and even the less popular ones, like tripe and lampredotto. If you are wondering what it is, it is a peasant dish made from the fourth and final stomach of a cow… and if you are wrinkling your nose right now, read this article by American expat-turned-Florentine Georgette Jupe “Discovering that Tripe and Lampredotto can actually be good”.

A visit just outside of Florence will be just as rewarding. Depending on the time of year, it is possible to participate in the harvest of olives and grapes. At any time, groups can visit organic farms and witness the production of Tuscan olive oil at oil mills and of the most famous wines at wineries.


Florence at sunset. Photo by Stefano Santucci, courtesy of
Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Tuscany? Let Italian Special Occasions DMC provide you with 360-degree assistance in the planning and organization before, during and after this special occasion, for you and your loved ones!
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Italian Wedding Couture featured on Luxury Travel Magazine
Shoemaking lesson in Florence – photo courtesy of StudiainItalia
Boboli Gardens in Florence – photo from
Florence at sunset. Photo by Stefano Santucci, courtesy of

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