Are you dreaming about an authentic destination wedding that provides you and your guests with one of the most powerful, rewarding and memorable experiences ever? There are many wedding agencies that promise you just that, and picking one is not an easy task. After all, you are entrusting that company with the planning of an extremely special day! And, in the case of a destination wedding, it is also responsible for helping you to take care of your traveling guests.

So, why would Italian Special Occasions DMC (ISO) be a great choice for your wedding in Italy? Ours is a Destination Management Company that – unlike a wedding planner – designs, organizes and executes a wedding at 360 degrees, with an expert team whose objective is to create a unique experience. “OK, but how?” we hear you ask.

When traveling abroad, chances are that you want to get surprised by a local destination, discovering places beyond the touristy postcards, and eating authentic food made by locals for locals (and not for tourists). At Italian Special Occasions DMC we are specialized in transmitting the essence, traditions and beauty of your chosen location, so that you and your guests can get to know the local destination in the most authentic way possible. When you sit down with us to talk about where you would like your wedding to take place, we will suggest some amazing venues that are off the beaten path. We have partnerships with many fantastic, intimate and original properties, strictly characterized by a long history, solid traditions, sustainable approaches and unique styles.

Italian Special Occasions DMC for your authentic destination wedding?

While the venue and location surely play an important role in making your wedding memorable, we want to share with you some additional ingredients to our successful recipe for an authentic destination wedding.

One is Creativity, or putting our artistic and inspired minds and spirit at your service while making your special occasion. One example is the creation of a themed wedding, which makes it fun for you and your guests to learn about the local traditions and history of your wedding destination. Striking décor and thrilling entertainment also make your event more memorable. An example may better explain what we mean by a themed wedding in Italy.

Imagine that you dream of tying the knot in Sicily. If you love gastronomy and history, then your wedding could be themed around Sicilian wines and the multicultural past of this island. At Italian Special Occasions DMC we could help you choose an amazing venue that embodies the essence of Sicily. For example, an ancient villa with Arab-Norman architectural styles from the XII century, but also featuring its own Church from the Spanish-rule period in the XVII century. After the intimate religious or symbolic celebration, you can amaze your guests by taking them for a walk along the landscaped gardens, until they reach the vineyards and… surprise surprise… they spot a fantastic imperial table! The shades of sunset, the grapes and the candles are the backdrop to your wedding reception, seasoned with the multicultural flavors of Sicilian cuisine and wines.

The options are truly infinite around Italy, since every location – from the smallest hamlet to the most cosmopolitan city – has its own distinctive set of arts, handcrafts, history, traditions and venues that can inspire the theme of your wedding. And to create an experience that is even more unique, we add an additional layer called Five Senses. Our wedding receptions and activities for your guests are conceived in a way to stimulate or even re-awaken your body, mind and soul. They aim at maximizing the pleasure that you can get with each and every one of your senses.

Custom wedding dresses by Italian high fashion designers

Most wedding-goers cannot but help asking themselves: “I wonder what she will be wearing?”. Your dress as a bride creates much of the anticipation. And if your dream is to have an authentic destination wedding, then you can surprise and amaze your guests, your partner and yourself with a beautifully customized wedding gown that is made in Italy! With our signature program called Italian Wedding Couture, brides-to-be can create their own dream wedding dress with high fashion designers throughout Italy. The result is an exclusive dress that is handcrafted with high quality fabrics and that is one of a kind, as no other identical dress will ever exist! The couture experience can either take place in a selected atelier in Italy, or the service can be “exported” abroad for those brides who cannot travel to Italy prior to their wedding. It allows you to experience the typical process of high fashion couture: concept design, realization of a paper model, testing in canvas and correction in the laboratory, choice of fabric and finalization.

original italian wedding favors Even though your wedding guests will cherish the experience of your special occasion in their memory and hearts, it really does feel wonderful to give them a gift. After all, they have chosen to be with you, to travel abroad to witness your vows and to share your joy. Wedding favors add the final touch to your Big Day!

To give continuity to the concepts of authenticity and memorability, we can suggest some beautiful favors that reflect the destination of your Italian wedding. For example, if you are getting married in the town of Castelli in Abruzzo, opting for local ceramics is ideal, just like Murano glass jewels or décor comes natural if you tie the knot in Venice. We have a selection of fine Italian artists who can work on custom creations for your wedding favors.

Food is another great option. A genuine product from an organic farm, such as extra virgin olive oil or a wine, is a fantastic gift – especially if the bottles are personalized for your special occasion. You can capture a delicious local flavor in your favor: customized chocolate in Umbria, Modena balsamic vinegar in Emilia Romagna, limoncello in Campania… the choice is never ending!


Do we have what it takes to create your authentic destination wedding in Italy?

Put us to the test! Contact Italian Special Occasions DMC and let’s discuss about your dreams together: we look forward to creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.


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