Sunrise concert in the Ghiaccio Forte Etruscan site. Photo from

Spring and summer are fantastic periods of the year to visit Tuscany, with its blue sunny sky embracing the gentle hilly landscapes during the day, and the moon and the stars glittering on the sea at night. There are countless ways to enjoy the panorama through sightseeing and activities, but one unique way of contemplating the Tuscan territory, its traditions and history… is to add a soundtrack to it! How? By witnessing open-air concerts!

A number of concerts take place all around Tuscany during the warm season, and although watching an opera in a historic indoor theater is definitely breathtaking, open-air concerts offer an exciting and refreshing experience.

One of the most evocative is the concert at sunrise of Morellino Classica Festival, which takes place in the Etruscan site of Ghiaccio Forte (IV century b.C.). The gentle colors of dawn contrast with the archaeologic site and the surrounding Maremma hills, while the classical music played by the orchestra kicks off the day in an unforgettable way!

The Morellino Classica Festival is part of the Festival Internazionale di Scansano, and all its concerts take place in historically significant places around the wine town of Scansano, for example: Montepò Castle (ca 1300), Montorgiali Church (1540), Petreto Convent (1274) and Castagnoli Theater (1852)…

Estate Fiesolana: Italy's oldest open-air concert. Photo from

The most ancient open-air concert in Italy, dating back to 1911, is called Estate Fiesolana. It takes place around the panoramic city of Fiesole, near Florence, proposing classical music and jazz shows, as well as cinema and dance exhibitions. The main location for these events is the beautiful Roman Theater of Fiesole, built between the end of the I century b.C. and the beginning of the I century a.D. Concerts also take place in the gardens of the Vaglia Library within the Parco Mediceo of Pratolino, which hosts centuries-old trees and some rare plants too.

For a more intimate experience, some guesthouses around Tuscany also organize their own music events. The Nocini di Maremma is one example. This rustic, elegant country house enjoys panoramic views of the medieval village of Tatti, and during summer it hosts different concerts at sunset in its beautiful gardens. Others, like Fonte Bertusi – a family-owned farmhouse near Pienza – have created an art exhibition outdoors and the BazArt room within the bed and breakfast, for art and music lovers!

During summer, the medieval town of Magliano in Toscana becomes an international melting pot as it hosts the Vox Mundi Festival (voices of the world festival), which reunites sounds and musical cultures from all around the globe. International artists perform in Piazza del Popolo, just in front of the ancient olive oil mill, while spectators can sit and admire not only the show but also the Romanesque Church of San Martino.

Lella at work in the kitchen. Photo courtesy of scuoladicucinadilella.netA local gastronomic experience usually complements or follows most of these open-air concerts. During the Vox Mundi Festival, for example, there is a gazebo called ‘Assaggio di Maremma’ (a taste of Maremma), which offers wine tastings and local delicacies.


For a more active and authentic foodie experience, why not join a cooking class? And not just one of the dozens of standard cooking lessons: we mean something really cool and unique! Italian Special Occasions DMC collaborates with the one and only Lella Cesari Ciampoli, owner of the first school of international cuisine in Siena. Lella teaches Italian, Tuscan and Medieval Cuisine, as well as pastry-making, natural leavening, health and nutrition! Spending time with her will enrich your Tuscan experience, and not only with regards to cooking. In fact, she relates everything with her beloved city, which means that you will learn about the Palio, the Contrade, the history and the secrets of Siena too!

Make your next visit to Tuscany with your family and friends truly different and authentic: witness the heavenly open-air concerts at dawn or dusk, get groovy at jazz and art shows in the most beautiful green landscapes, learn about medieval recipes and explore the most secret sides of Tuscan history!

If you have any particular wishes in mind, contact Italian Special Occasions DMC now: we design travel experiences and special events according to your dreams and needs.



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Sunrise concert in the Ghiaccio Forte Etruscan site. Photo from
Estate Fiesolana: Italy’s oldest open-air concert. Photo from
Lella at work in the kitchen. Photo courtesy of

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