Le Marche is a hidden gem offering the quintessential Italian experience but with few tourists. This region is ideally positioned between the dramatic Sibillini mountains and the tranquil Adriatic Sea coastline, offering all types of landscapes and seasonal activities.

The region’s diverse cities offer a blend of styles and attractions. Ancona, the capital, mixes ancient and modern with attractions like the Mole Vanvitelliana, San Ciriaco Cathedral, Trajan’s Triumphal Arch, and Roman Amphitheatre. Urbino is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its significant Renaissance architecture and medieval charm. Loreto is famous for its large shrine to the Virgin Mary, and its history is tied to Jerusalem.

Thanks to its ancient history, delicious food tradition, craft heritage and pristine nature, this authentic destination offers activities for all tastes and types of travel.

What activities can you enjoy in Le Marche?

Here are some seasonal activities to consider!


  • Nordic walking and skiing on the Sibillini Mountains.
  • Craftmaking with artisans in their textile and leather workshops.


  • Horseriding, hiking and cycling around Lago di Fiastra and the red rocks of Lame Rosse.
  • Truffle hunting with an expert guide and his trusted dog in the woods around Acqualagna or the Vallesina Hills.


  • Orienteering in the spectacles of nature like Furlo Gorge and Frasassi Caves.
  • Cooking lessons to learn local specialities such as fresh-egg pasta and the “fritto misto all’ascolana” with stuffed olives and deep-fried delicacies!
Lame Rosse rocks - location for corporate retreat in marche italy

Case Study: Corporate wellness retreat in an organic farm

We recently designed a corporate wellness retreat to aid CEOs suffering from burnout.

We chose a beautiful agriturismo farm as the event venue. With its lush gardens, olive groves and breathtaking countryside views, the venue provided the perfect sanctuary for rejuvenation and relaxation.

The retreat combined physical activities and relaxation techniques tailored to combat burnout:

  • Daily yoga and pilates sessions were conducted at sunrise, allowing the CEOs to start their day with mindfulness and serenity.
  • A fitness personal trainer was available for those who preferred a more dynamic approach to wellness.
  • Nutrition was crucial in the retreat, focusing on healthy, sustainable eating. A local chef prepared meals using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local markets and the farm’s vegetable garden.

Furthermore, the CEOs did an Ethical Cooking Class, something they had never heard of. The experience consisted in:

  • “Learning” how to shop at the grocery store, in a local market or at a farm. Aspects like what food we buy and where it comes from impact our meals and shape our world.
  • Budgeting and preparing meals to minimise waste, appreciating the journey of their food from the earth to their plate.

This approach ensured that the positive experience extended beyond the retreat, enlightening participants to cultivate a sustainable lifestyle through informed food choices.

le marche event venue and authentic destination italy


Le Marche is an unparalleled and authentic destination for corporate events, blending natural beauty, rich history, and a commitment to sustainable and authentic experiences.

Our successful wellness corporate retreat exemplifies how Le Marche’s serene environment and tailored activities can relax and inspire.

We would love to guide you in organising your next corporate event in this beautiful region!

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