If you are planning a special event in Italy – such as a corporate event, incentive travel, destination wedding or family reunion – hiring an Italian Destination Management Company (DMC) can make the difference in the stress-free, flawless execution of such an occasion. Knowing the intricacies of local bureaucracy, managing tight time frames between meeting sessions, finding impactful décor and selecting the best catering service: these are just some of the things that make it virtually impossible for you to handle every detail personally on a medium or large-scale event.

If you are not still not convinced, here are 4 reasons to hire an Italian DMC for your next event.


1. Local Knowledge

A Lonely Planet guide about Italy can only help you so much. On-site local expertise is irreplaceable. A destination management company has extensive knowledge about venues, attractions, traffic patterns, seasonal events, temporary situations (such as strikes), selected partnerships and bargaining power with local suppliers. Not sure about when and where to plan your event? An Italian Destination Management Company like ours –Italian Special Occasions DMC – can also provide you with original approaches in the selection of the best region-season combination, for an event that is sustainable and affordable.

4 Reasons to hire an Italian Destination Management Company (DMC)


2. Creativity & Memorable Events

A professional DMC listens to your objectives, needs and wishes, and then works on the development of concepts that are uniquely original for You – such as team building outings, striking entertainment for a gala dinner, or authentic activities for your wedding guests. Why should you organize a creative event? Because you will expose your guests/attendees to amazing experiences that ignite their Five Senses, creating unforgettable memories regarding your occasion, brand or product. Different studies published by prestigious sources, such as San Francisco State University and the Journal of Positive Psychology, show that the happiest people in the world put their money toward travel, experience and memories, instead of shopping for material objects. The bottom line is: life is all about the memories we create!

Destination Management Company in Italy


3. Peace of Mind

A DMC is specialized in dealing with international travel, event management, group excursions and activities, bookings of hotels and all sorts of services, and related paperwork. It has the know-how, the resources and the experience to cover all details and deadlines. Another crucial factor is that a reliable DMC like Italian Special Occasions DMC carefully inspects and selects vendors and their facilities, also making sure that they have specific insurance coverage. Therefore, we also play a role in risk management and mitigation. With an Italian Destination Management Company doing the “dirty work” for you, you can concentrate on your clients/guests/attendees, providing a much more personalized and attentive approach.

Italian Destination Management Company (DMC)


4. Save time and money

Some event planners see DMCs as an unnecessary expense, or simply assume that it will cost too much to hire one. But it could actually be more affordable than you think, saving you time in the short run and money in the long run. All of the above-mentioned points support the claim that a DMC will get the work done in a much more efficient, quick and stress-free way than if you were to deal with Italian suppliers and bureaucracy on your own, unless you have a good, updated knowledge of your chosen destination. By doing business with local vendors, a DMC can get better pricing. It can also suggest venues that best suit your event and budget. If you think that you can easily find Italian event venues online with a Google search, you will be surprised to realize that relatively few properties have a proper website. At Italian Special Occasions DMC we scout for hidden gems in Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice – but also in off the beaten path destinations. A DMC will also think about the details, logistics and operations once the event is happening. The time and effort saved can make it extremely cost-effective to use a DMC!

Are you looking for an Italian Destination Management to help you plan and execute an unforgettable event in Italy? Contact Italian Special Occasions DMC now!

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