There are some amazing ladies that are behind important changes in the Messinese territory, one of the lesser-known areas of the island that is the protagonist of our #sicilyoffthebeatenpath documentary. In this article we will present them in a nutshell, you will have the honor to see them act and talk in the documentary, where you will get to know them well. They are:

  • Giuliana Aragona – Owner of Don Gaspano B&B
  • Rita – Owner of Antica Sena
  • Vittoria Notarbartolo Di Villarosa – Co-Owner of Feudo San Pietro
  • Bronagh Slevings – Singer of the Disorient Express group
  • Elena Bonaccorsi – Owner of Villa Paradiso
  • Beatrice Lumia – Expert Guide of the Messinese

What do these ladies have in common? With their deep knowledge of the territory and great hospitality, they can enchant anyone. You can ask them anything, and they will help you find the best way for you to see or experience what you wish for. When you are in their “realm”, you become part of their life and you live the territory the way they do. We bet you will become so passionate about local experiences, places and people, that you will want to return quite often!

Ladies of Sicily - Elena Bonaccorsi and Brohna Slevings

Elena and Bronagh

Examples of experiences that will leave a mark in you include enjoying a simple yet inimitable breakfast with a Granita Coffee and whipped cream; learning with Giuliana how to cook fresh pesto with almonds and how to make the perfect lunch in only 30 minutes; discovering the history of Milazzo Castle in a fun way with Beatrice; listening to the amazing voice of Irish-turned-local Brohna in a concert at Feudo San Pietro; exploring an organic farm with Rita and her son Vincenzo; participating in a painting workshop with Elena at Villa Bonaccorsi; listening to the stories of Duchess Vittoria Notarbartolo di Villarosa at Feudo San Pietro, perfect venue for yoga and food experiences.

Vittoria Notarbartolo - Palazzo Spadafora

Duchess Vittoria at Feudo San Pietro

Farhan and Aysel – the filming crew from Azerbaijan who live in Germany – were very surprised by how open and welcoming the locals are. They were able to communicate even if locals often did not speak English. All you need to interact and have a dialogue, is to have a bit of creativity and to respect the local culture and way of living.

This is one of the key factors for a sustainable approach to travel and event management in destinations off the beaten path: locals and their territory don’t have to become a tourist attraction, they have to be part of your experience in the most natural way. Embrace the local culture and you are granted a wow-factor event or vacation.

ladies sicily

Beatrice and Rita

We would like to thank all the locals who participated in our documentary: you were and are the most important part of any journey, with your knowledge and warmth you showed us the heart and soul of #sicilyoffthebeatenpath, and we cannot wait to share a little bit more with the world.

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