It is a very delicate moment for Italy. We must follow strict rules, which include not traveling for non-essential reasons, and collaborate with each other for 3 important reasons:

  • To contain the virus;
  • To not overload the health system;
  • To stop the virus and return to normal life.

And we will! Italy is the country of the Risorgimento!

At Italian Special Occasions DMC, we think that we should stop to think and reflect on why we are living this very particular moment:

  • 1st thought: #SUSTAINABILITY – China, one of the world’s most polluted countries, is blocked. Although this is negative for the economy, it is vital for our planet Earth.
  • 2nd thought: #ITALYLEADSTHECHANGE – Our nation is now in quarantine and would seem to be the country that is most affected by the virus, but not because of it. We think it’s because Italy is the country that made most tests, the only European country that took (so far) radical measures to try and isolate the virus. It’s a country that does not want the health system to collapse because each human being deserves to live.
  • 3rd thought: #THEPOWEROFMEDIA – Traditional and social media are a powerful tool that should be used wisely and not in a harmful way. Our world’s fragility is manifesting also thanks to the abundance of fake news circulating on social media and to journalism that spreads fear. The message everyone should be sharing is: “If we exponentially enhance our intensive care, we can overcome this.” We should ignore speculative information and only read and share reliable sources such as the World Health Organization.

We must remember that everything passes, we need to learn from what is happening and work for a positive change.

The Italian Special Occasions’ team is working from home at the moment, organizing Skype conference calls and replying to emails, pondering on the abovementioned thoughts to relaunch our project in the near future. Now more than ever, we believe in our philosophy to elevate the culture, the traditions and the beauty that Italy has and that people should discover. This is the moment in which Italy and its companies can work to relaunch their activities in a more innovative way! Our team is working on new projects that we will present once the containment period will be over.

We leave you with this video of our leisure brand, Creative Italy, to understand how important it is to involve your travel and event experience with the “made in Italy”.

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