One of the core principles of our DMC is the selection and proposal of emerging or little-known destinations for M.I.C.E. in Italy. We suggest organizing your business travels and corporate events off the beaten path. But why?

Whether you are organizing an incentive experience, a product launch or a conference, you probably want your employees, clients, investors and delegates to have a positive memory of your brand. Choosing an off-the-beaten-track destination can make your event memorable. Italy, for example, is often associated with Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan or other iconic art-business cities. If your event takes place in a little-known destination, or even in an off-the-beaten-path sight in beaten-path cities, you will surprise and expose your participants to secret gems that they will talking about for years to come.

Apart from the element of surprise and of associating your brand/event to a positive experience, corporate travel in destinations off the beaten track is also good for Corporate Social Responsibility. In fact, you extend the business cycle of local communities and avoid exploiting the strained resources of overcrowded places. Overtourism is one of the reasons why we wanted to create a DMC with the vision to transform the way people host their events in Italy.

corporate event italy off beaten path

Finally, the choice of an original event venue is not only good for your image in terms of CSR, it also helps your pockets as destinations tend to be cheaper.

One potential downside to this approach is that little-known destinations might not be as well connected and easily reachable like large cities, but with a valid local partner on the ground, logistics will be the last of your problems. How can we at Italian Special Occasions help you and be your DMC of choice for planning your corporate event off the beaten path in Italy?

We travel across the country throughout the year for thorough site inspections. This allows us to carefully test and handpick the best venues and suppliers in terms of quality and wow-factor. Shared values – such as Seasonality and Authenticity – are also crucial for us. For example, watch this interview with one of our local food suppliers to understand how we share the same philosophy.

To make your corporate event unforgettable, we include authenticity, active participation and real experiences in the formula. We help you find the perfect balance of leisure time activities combined with meetings, presentations, awards, team building etc. Apart from arranging amazing event venues and original accommodation, we can guide you in the creation of a theme for your event, to add a touch of creativity through storytelling. And when it comes to leisure activities or team building, the array of choices goes from the traditional – like biking, golfing and cooking lessons – to the unusual – like pizzica dance lessons, mosaic and pottery courses, and vineyarding.


To learn more about Italian Special Occasions DMC and how we can help you, feel free to contact us or to follow us on the #CSRshareDay chat on Twitter on 23 April 2018.


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