For all fashion and travel lovers out there: Italian Special Occasions DMC and its partner Studiainitalia are delighted to offer a unique 7-day fashion tour through historic Tuscan labels that are current trend-setting leaders worldwide, complemented by a range of activities spanning from gourmet dining to wine tasting, and from shopping to exploring the local artistic and historic heritage.



The setting for this package is Florence, a beautiful city full of history, charm and foodie delights, as well as one of the most exciting fashion and shopping hotspots in the world. Florentine artisans have mastered their techniques over many centuries and continue – still today – to set the standards for craftsmanship and design, providing handmade goods of the highest quality, created with the world’s finest materials.


“A week with fashion artisans in Florence” offers the possibility to:

  • Learn how to make handmade shoes, Italian style, under the guidance of expert artisans in typical ‘botteghe’ workshops
  • Explore the best shops and historic boutiques, and uncover secret places with a fashion expert


  • Indulge in the Gucci and Ferragamo Museums, and access limited-time exhibitions such as a showcase of legends about prodigious shoemakers
  • Admire the Costume Gallery at Palazzo Pitti, which is the only museum in Italy detailing the history of Italian fashion
  • Visit the exclusive Vasari Corridor and the Uffizi Gallery with their unique collections
  • Wander through the historic center and beautiful gardens with an expert tour guide


  • Dine with style in the traditional Teatro del Sale
  • Enjoy wine tasting with professional sommeliers
  • Stay in a boutique hotel in the historic center

The tours, which are customizable based on the clients’ wishes and needs, will take place in March 2014 in two sessions, one starting on the 8th and the other on the 16th, for 7 nights in mesmerizing Florence.

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