This time we want to talk about small incentives for a group of 5-15 people. Only last week we organised an incentive for a small group in Venice and it inspired us to share with you this post.

We offer our clients to experience Italy off the beaten path and discover “hidden gem” destinations. Additionally, we couple the off the beaten path destination with creating an authentic experience. For example, meeting the locals, visiting a local event or making local crafts. The activities are tailor made to deliver an authentic and local experience. Small groups will have an enhanced, unique and one in a life time experience.

Here are our destination picks for small group incentives in Italy

Eco tourism in Fiastra

Fiastra is small gem waiting to be discovered. The small medieval village is located in the valley of the Monti Sibillini National Park in the Marche region. This off the beaten path destination is ideal for outdoor sport activities and eco-tourism to enjoy all year round.

You can take your group for a day to artificial Lake Fiastra, most popular for water skiing, bathing and fishing. For the more active groups, there is an adventure park complete with a canopy walkway among trees, a zip-line across the lake and a “monkey bridge”.

Lastly, archery is another favorite eco-friendly activity that mixes both precision and relaxation. It’s great if you want to incorporate team building activity around this, for example how to set business goals. The idyllic setting between the woods and the Sibillini Mountains is something truly unique and unforgettable!

Last but not least, the area is great for hiking along spiritual paths all year round. In winter it’s possible to enjoy cross-country skiing and ciaspolate (walks with traditional snowshoes).

We have also the accommodation sorted for your group, in one of the working farms full of character and history. Here the group can stay at the didactic farm and learn about farming, the food cycle, rural crafts, and animal and vegetable life.

Most importantly, organising your event here will also helps local communities still recovering from earthquakes that hit central Italy in August and October 2016.

Wine routes in Sicily

The beautiful island of Sicily has different wine routes that your group can explore over 2 – 3 days incentive. One of most popular regional wines is Mamertino DOC produced in north-eastern part of Sicily. The local guide will share his knowledge and authentic stories and at each stop the group will visit different wine makers and their cellars. Whether delegates are beginners or wine experts, everyone will enjoy the interactive storytelling.

But it’s not going to be just about wine. There is also culture to be discovered in Sicily. We’ll recommend Valdina – Torregrotte, where we’ll take the group to town centre and its Norman Castle and continue to the nearby village of Tracoccia to learn about the miraculous water of the 16th century Madonna dell’Acqua Santa Church.

Did you know that this area is also popular for nettle and lemon grappa? Furthermore, unique types of brandies are also produced here, made from pears, apples, cherries and peaches from Mount Etna.

On our journey we’ll stop on multiple occasions for wine, grappa and brandy tasting. Each meal will be a celebration of all senses, trying regional and seasonal cuisine paired with local wine.

We have also the accommodation sorted, where the group can stay in one of the fantastic properties off the beaten path in this area. One of such is an agro tourism estate with organic farm that produces a variety of bio-food, including vegetables, fruits, virgin olive oil and wine. The on-site restaurant serves traditional Sicilian cuisine all with organic products.

Piedmont for foodies

Piedmont is famous for food. If you organise your incentive in autumn, the group will experience seeing the wines turn from a wonderful lush green to typical autumnal golden browns, oranges and purples.

Autumn is also the time for grape harvest and truffle hunting. We offer these two activities also as team building. The group will be accompanied by a local expert and will also learn about this precious food item. We will conclude the sessions with an apperitivo to celebrate the hard work before heading for dinner.

Another food activity ideal for small groups is cooking classes. We can offer the option to start it in the woods or vegetable garden (instead of the kitchen) and collect fresh ingredients that will be later used in cooking.

Two of the most popular and traditional dished include Agnolotti and Bagna Cauda, and when ready can be paired with local wines.

Incentives Italy Piemonte2

The feedback of the above incentives has been fantastic so far! Delegates always highlighted how tailor made, personal and authentic it was. We work closely with our local suppliers to guarantee that we can deliver such personalised incentive programmes. Furthermore, we are proud that we are able to support local businesses and preserve the local crafts that pass from generating to generation and tell their stories further.

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