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Every Moment Counts


Think about the best moments you have lived with your loved ones, about those memories that bring a smile to your lips and a delight in your heart. Was it the birth or baptism of your children or nephews? Was it the anniversary of your parents? Were you fishing with your buddy? Or shopping and baking cookies with a friend? Our most cherished memories are about a special occasion or a simple activity that we shared with our loved ones.

Combine both factors to create everlasting, beautiful memories that will enrich your lives: organize a creative event that reunites your family and friends, and join them in sensory experiences! When you spend time with your loved ones, every moment counts. At Italian Special Occasions DMC we want to make sure that you enjoy the richest possible experience.

We organize experiential journeys for families and friends: we are specialized in creating bespoke events and travel experiences in destinations that are off the beaten path, ideal for unforgettable vacations in Italy.


Our Twists


Inspiring the next generation

In a world where children learn to use technology and eat fast food at a very young age, we believe that their Five Senses must be stimulated for them to become more creative, develop their skills and dexterity, and treasure the heritage that remains from the past. At Italian Special Occasions DMC we have conceived a Children’s Laboratory where materials and flavors wait to be felt, seen, eaten, smelled and touched by the young members of our generation. The laboratory also guides children (and their parents/relatives) in learning about and observing Ancient Trades and Traditions that are slowly disappearing. Who else to save and preserve the past if not the future generation today?

Family Gathering

Families usually reunite for different occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. In Italy, families also get together to enjoy food, culture, art and traditions… Organizing your family gathering in Italy provides your occasion with an inimitable flare! Need help and ideas? We listen to your desires and guide you in the selection of the best place and timing to make sure that your reunion is hassle free and memorable.

Friends Reunion

Nowadays, friends are often scattered around the world, and many would love to celebrate their friendship with a special reunion. With that in mind, we have carefully selected amazing locations in different Italian regions, each offering different kinds of activities for friends to experience together. If you are thinking about gathering your friends in Italy, we can tailor your request and suggest the best season-region combination. Inspiring accommodation and unforgettable experiences are what make your occasion a memorable one.


Make it happen!

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