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We are a team of people who have been working in the tourism industry long enough to get inspired about all things that a travel company should NOT do. With this in mind, long ago we discovered that we share a common passion: Italy – its history, culture, gastronomy, winemaking art and breathtaking nature. Therefore, we decided to create a company focused on bespoke special events.

Nowadays, we are proud to say that Italian Special Occasions is an Italian Destination Management Company (DMC) that creates and delivers unforgettable and tailor-made events across Italy. We can assist you – on an exclusive, creative and professional level – from the conception all the way to the conclusion of the event, with an authentic approach.

Our Corporate Division can assist you with meetings, congresses, product launches and incentive travel, while our Leisure Division specializes in private events such as Weddings, Family Reunions and Gourmet Events.


Our Innovation


We have created a unique concept to let you experience Italy in an authentic and exclusive way during your event. The main ingredients of our successful and innovative formula are:


The weather should not influence your special occasion; instead, you should embrace the best season-region combination for the different ways it allows you to taste, smell, see, feel and hear Italy.

Sensorial Activities

Italy offers us a different combination of Arts that stimulate our Five Senses. Engaging all of our senses during an event – such as a product launch, team building retreat or even a wedding – will create lasting memories and widen our vision.


The combination of Seasonality with Sensorial Activities boosts our creativity to design your event or your special occasion as pure art creation.


Our Values


Bespoke special occasions

Each event is uniquely crafted and tailored to individual client needs, requests & dreams.

Our approach is personal

Dialoguing with the client is key to building trust.


Our destination knowledge gives a different touch to your event, making it unique.

Careful selection

We work with carefully selected suppliers/venues with whom we built strong relationships that are the key to the success of each and every event.

Limited events

We work on limited events during the year, looking toward the quality and not the quantity.

Going extra miles

We know how difficult and exhausting the organization of an event can be for you: our flexibility and dedication allow you to enjoy an enriching experience with your guests while we handle the hassle.


TRAVEL TRADE: We work with international travel agents, event planners and HR departments. Together with our selected local partners across the country, we offer you an exclusive way to organize your event and unique journey in Italy. Trust the experts at Italian Special Occasions DMC: let us guide you to Italy’s hidden treasures, and to share coveted insider information on your chosen destination!


The Team


Laura Notarbartolo -Italian Special Occasions DMCLaura Notarbartolo (Founder)

I have lived in many cities, met different cultures and learned various languages: these experiences have helped me to build a 360-degree view of things, to be flexible and to understand that everything has a solution!

I am frequently asked the following question: “What makes your company different”?

I usually reply with our motto: “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do”. This is the principle that inspires and guides us every day. How? I like to meet our clients and understand them; we have a personal approach by carefully listening to and communicating with each client. Whenever possible, we organize a Fam trip to achieve the highest level of transparency and dedication and most of all, to create a real trust and human bond with our client.

There is no better satisfaction and fulfilling experience than seeing the smile on people’s faces while they enjoy their time during and after an event.

My favorite Sense: Sight! I am an observer and since my passion is travel, sight is the best tool to see and understand the world and have a vision of 360 degrees!

My favorite Season:  Italian Spring (March-April), when I can observe nature’s awakening, see the trees with their flowers, breathe in the sweet scents. Landscape is colorful and spectacular everywhere!


Maria Chiara Picardi - Italian Special Occasions DMCMaria Chiara Picardi (Director of Operations)

After various studies and work experiences, I entered the world of tourism on my tiptoes. Today I am proud to be part of this company that Laura has skillfully created with passion and professionalism.

Having the opportunity to select, propose and organize special occasions allows me to make my dreams come true, and to put my skills to the test as a woman who is also a daughter, sister, wife and, not least, a happy mother.

My favorite Sense: Sight – “Who lives sees much. Who travels sees more.” says an anonymous proverb, urging us to admire the beauty, colors and freshness of nature and of all the things that man has been able to build throughout the centuries. Those who can experience this, can feel their essence shake with emotions.

My favorite Season: Autumn – The foliage, the burning fireplaces, the tree’s humid scent: these are the colors of my Italy during this period of the year. I was born in autumn and – maybe for this reason – I am able to travel and travel, even just with my fantasy, to dream and admire the stillness and glow of nature as it waits to renew itself.



Raffaella Monaco - Italian Special Occasions DMCRaffaella Monaco (Blog & Social Media Manager)

After living around the world for a quarter of a century thanks to my parents’ jobs and my graduate studies, at 26 I decided to settle in Italy. No other place could beat its charm, flavors, sights and vibe. The curiosity of finding new destinations and authentic experiences is what fuels my work at Italian Special Occasions DMC. I am always surprised to realize how many hidden places and local events are waiting to be uncovered around Italy. My challenge is to tell the story of these villages, traditions and heritage, providing hints on how and where to organize unforgettable occasions making the most out of the “local”.

My favorite Sense: Sound – Whether it’s my feet tapping to an imaginary song, my head bobbing to a hip hop beat, my hips trying to keep up with an African rhythm or my arms attempting to graciously imitate a prima ballerina at Teatro La Scala, my ears and body are always tuned to the sounds and vibrations that surround me.

My favorite Season: Summer – I grew up in tropical countries and – maybe as a consequence – I am a “sunatic”.  That’s also why I chose to live in Italy: sun and warm feelings all year round!


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