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Celebrating a special occasion that is truly authentic and memorable has become a dream for many of us. Even though we are continuously exposed to ideas and promises of “local experiences”, it feels like “authenticity” is something that cannot be experienced any longer in this world of globalization. When visiting a destination, most of us do not like to be treated as tourists, but would love to be treated as locals.

That’s why we, the team at Italian Special Occasions DMC, have conceived the idea of Creative Events. Why? Simple: the seasons, the authentic and the local inspire us to build your bespoke event from scratch, combining your dreams and wishes with the local cultural, artistic and gastronomic heritage. Our creativity is stimulated by the richness of each region, and by the passion that the locals transmit to us.

You will experience this passion not only by interacting with the locals, but also by engaging your Five Senses. We guarantee your event will be unique and unforgettable, and that you won’t need smartphones and tablets to help you remember it better.



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