There are enough people working now in the Italian travel industry, sending enormous groups of tourists to hurriedly visit the well-known cultural sights.  Simply put, that’s not our aim.  Our mission is for you to experience a different side, a less-frequented side, an intimate side of Italy for your special occasion, an occasion that reflects the local Culture, Tradition and Environment.  We strive to only work with properties that are unique, historic or sustainable – with the majority being villas, castles, palaces and churches.


Our team specializes in the following Italian Special Occasions:



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Team building: thinking outside the box, Italian style

Corporate outings should be a great opportunity that facilitate the bonding between your team members, a fun and productive occasion to grow at a personal and group level. However, unfortunately, the activities that are organized often turn out to be lame, and do not thrill or inspire the participants.

Italy offers such a variety of places to visit and things to do, all year round, that make it the perfect destination for rewarding and engaging team-building trips. Here are some ideas for activities to be enjoyed in destinations that are off the beaten track, for some authentic outside-the-box corporate outings!

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