The sustainable corner

Italian Special Occasions is actively supporting three sustainable projects: Creative Italy, MuMa, and Heritage Path.

Creative Italy is a platform where travelers can apply for a professional course or an experiential workshop with artisans all over Italy. It is a bridge between artisans and people with a passion for learning a trade along with the desire to spread their newfound skills and knowledge so that these crafts are kept alive.

MuMa is the Sea Museum located in the Castle of Milazzo, one of the most beautiful yet little-known Sicilian castles. From here, you can see both the volcanos of Etna and Stromboli. This experiential museum aims to raise awareness of illegal fishing and sea pollution. The area is ideal for meetings and events: if you decide to organize your special occasion here, you will support the museum’s project and the local environment and community.

We created a Heritage Path along Sicily’s “borghi medievali” (medieval hamlets). Visitors can discover abandoned villages such as Borgo Pantano, where they can have a hands-on experience with local artisans and learn about the traditional handicraft activity that has been preserved despite all the challenges. Or they can visit historical venues such as Borgo Santo Pietro, where Italian Special Occasions is restoring an ancient palace and its stables to offer unique stays with experiential laboratories, and a magical church where unusual weddings can be celebrated. This type of cultural tourism will help these extraordinary hamlets to slowly come back to life and their heritage to be preserved.

Finally, not only we are one of the Ambassadors for Positive Impact Events, we have also launched a contest in line with our role and commitment towards sustainable travel and events. There is time until 31 May 2020 to join, read more about the contest conditions and prize here.

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