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Seasonal Delights & Culinary Heritage

At Italian Special Occasions DMC, we have conceived an innovative way for you to discover Italy’s gastronomic diversitySeasonality! There is no better way for you to relish the most genuine food and recipes, than being in the right place at the right time of the year. Careful research by our expert team has resulted in an exciting selection of special places that represent the local excellence and heritage of each region: they go from the historical building where you’ll enjoy the favorite dish of a princess, to the rustic farm where the “nonna” cooks ancient recipes and teaches you fun words in the local dialect!


Beyond taste

All our sensory organs are capable of perceiving taste: a pleasing sound, a comforting touch, a pleasant smell, a delicious meal – they are different aspects of taste. All Foodie Experiences designed by Italian Special Occasions DMC aim at maximizing the pleasure that you can get with each and every one of the Five Senses. You will realize how to better appreciate food and drinks, learn more about yourself and the world that surrounds you, about the history of the single food items, the culinary heritage of the locals, the mysteries behind certain recipes. By choosing the right season you can have access to the most genuine and healthy seasonal products, while helping your budget and the local environment and economy too!


Pro-Am experiences



We collaborate with excellent Italian academies where you can join courses and laboratories designed for practitioners of the food and wine sector. Whether you are a new chef, a master chef with working experience or a sommelier, well-founded basics are crucial for being able to present authentic Italian cuisine and the most exquisite wine combinations. You can join intensive, hands-on practical training with expert chefs and culinary historians, and participate in field visits with knowledgeable local guides to food producers and markets. You will get a deeper understanding of the art of Italian gastronomy, ingredients, history and traditions. Depending on your needs, you can join courses that also deal with hospitality management, food communication, design and marketing for the food industry. Become an expert in Italian and regional cuisine, or in any particular aspect that is of most interest to you, whether you are pursuing a professional career as a chef, pizza maker, pastry chef, gelato artist or sommelier.


Do you love cooking at home and preparing delicious meals for your loved ones? Join practical cooking courses, seminars and laboratories directed at strongly motivated gourmet lovers of all skills. By the end of the experience, you will be able to master many Italian recipes and will have learned great tips to improve your skills in general. For example, you can discover the secrets behind conserving seasonal foods for later use through ancient curing and sun-drying techniques. Culinary programs for amateurs and home cooks will give you a 360-degree view of Italian eno-gastronomy, by combining cooking lessons, wine tastings, market tours, lectures about Italian food and culture, basic Italian language, and any particular areas that are of interest to you.


Make it happen!

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